Ohh The Irony: Man Posts “Support Your Local Cop Killer” Signs – Calls 911 When They’re Vandalized

A 66-year-old retired man from Richwood, Ohio posted signs up on his property in Union County near Boundary Road where the posters said, “a good cop is a dead cop” and “support your local cop killer.” One shouldn’t be two surprise when they don’t get a positive response from something so dangerously hateful and vitriolic.

Apparently someone ran over the signs with a car. So the man decided to call 911. Understandably so. The Union Clunty Sheriff’s office said they would get their as soon as they could as they were taking care of other important calls.

The he man called 911 three more times and told media outlets,

“They don’t give a [expletive] about me. That’s the way it’s always been. I ain’t putting up with this [expletive].”

Is he really that surprised the police wouldn’t show up immediately after what he did?! If so he’s a special kind of stupid. So he decided to take his track and park it in the middle of Boundary Road. He had a machete and an ax with him and a sign saying he was waiting for the cops.


One firefighter said,

“This guy is standing in the middle of the road, he’s closed the road and he has a machete and an ax. He’s got his lawn tractor parked in the road and he’s a sign that says he’s waiting for the cops.”

The mans only response to his actions, after officers went to his home to try and calm him, was that it was his first amendment right. He made sure to add a few expletives in before finishing.


How ironic. It takes a real liberal to have the audacity to so publicly rant against law enforcement and then be befuddled as to why they don’t treat his run over signs as a life or death emergency


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