Ohio Muslim Pays BRUTAL Price After Feds Walk In On Final Step Of America’s Worst Nightmare

Some kids want to be doctors, plumbers, or firetrucks when they grow up. Other kids want to join ISIS and jihad people. Both are fine, because who are we to tell kids they can’t be something? We’re already in the time of forcing kids to be the opposite gender, or genderless, and why stop there? Why not breed little jihadists too!

Such is the case as this Muslim boy grew up to later pledge allegiance to ISIS. He was caught and the system came down hard on him. A young fella like this pays a brutal price because they were brainwashed into doing something that would ultimately ruin their life one way or the other.

20-year-old Aron Travis Daniels plead guilty for attempting to give material support to the Islamic state. He was later busted by an undercover agent posing as an IS recruiter.

According to the Department of Justice, Daniels, 20, attempted to make contact with people to join Islamic State beginning in September 2015. He sent e-mails to people not named in the FBI’s criminal complaint “seeking assistance in traveling to Syria to conduct violent jihad and expressed a desire to stop the Russian-Iranian ‘onslaught of our people.’”

In some of these emails, Daniels said he would need financial assistance to travel to Syria “to do jihad.”

Didn’t Linda Sarsour recently use the word “jihad” and liberals tried to play it off like it’s not a violent word? I believe they did and she did. So this guy wants to travel across the planet to do bad things to people because he believes that’s the right thing to do? What about staying in America and making a nice life for himself and not getting caught up in the violence? He can hook up with 72 girls here, with a small potential for maybe one of them to be a virgin, instead of risking his life to do violent things on the notion that he might get 72 virgins in the afterlife.

After three months of occasional emails to people he believed were jihadists, Daniels sent $250 via Western Union to a person in Libya he believed was an intermediary to an Islamic State recruiter.

After sending the money, an undercover FBI informant posing as an Islamic State recruiter came into contact with Daniels. When the informant asked Daniels what he had done to prove his allegiance to Islamic State, Daniels said he sent $250.

Can you imagine Chris Hansen was an ISIS recruiter? The guy walks in with a weapon, cheap booze, and an ISIS impersonator says they’re going to change into something more comfortable, then Chris Hansen pops his head out and tells the recruit to “have a seat” and starts reading naughty jihad messages like “are you sure you didn’t say you want to rip the spinal cord from a goat and shove it in the eye of a homeless person?”

Only in a perfectly strange comedy, right?

In conversations between Daniels and the informant, Daniels asked for advice on how to join Islamic State and how he could get to certain Islamic State-controlled areas.

Why would anyone want to go there? It’s violent. There are no all-inclusive hotels. The food is usually dusty from the windy sandy areas. It’s just not on the top 5 places to visit in anyone’s Groupon app. I can’t see Yelp having good reviews for the Islamic State-controlled areas.

What’s wrong with staying in America and living your life? One does not have to join ISIS just because they’re Muslim. Everyone has options and choices to make in life. Choosing to stay in America, work hard, earn a living, and enjoy yourself is an OK choice to make.

I feel bad that a guy who is only 20 has thrown his life away for a cause that may not ever appreciate anything he did. You have to wonder what went wrong in his life that would make him feel this way. Why would someone feel compelled to join ISIS and do jihad? What would make him actually follow through with the feelings of doing harm to others? Instead of locking him up, they should study him and try to understand the process of people who go from living a normal life to joining ISIS.

Maybe Michael Moore can put down the double bacon cheeseburgers and make a documentary called “The Road To Jihad.”

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