WOW! Ohio State University: Jihadi Artan “Was A BUCKEYE… Find Compassion For His Life”

You’d think condemnation of the attempted terror attack at Ohio State University would be pretty unanimous, and it has been, with the exception of a few crazies out there.

Initially some on the Left were quick to try to make this an issue about gun control (as the attempted massacre was initially reported as a shooting), but that narrative quickly collapsed. As it turned out, the attacker was a Somali born refugee who had been inspired by the work of American Islamist radical Anwar al-Awlaki and ISIS propaganda.

Tariq Nasheed, who Wikipedia describes as an “author, documentary film producer, media personality, satirist, Internet radio host, relationship expert,and social commentator, turned heads when he tried to make the fact that the suspect was killed a political issue.


Apparently because the terrorist wasn’t white, the officer was supposed to karate kick the knife out of the attacker’s hand and then wrestle him to the ground.

And I thought that would be the craziest post I ended up seeing commenting on the incident. Nonetheless, a diversity officer at OSU managed to make an even crazier comment, somehow portraying the dead terrorist as a Black Lives Matter martyr. Yes – really.

As Jihad Watch reported:

Yes, he was trying to murder Infidels in the name of Allah and Islam — after all, he said, “By Allah, I am willing to kill a billion infidels” — but it isn’t as if he was a right-winger or a member of some other morally suspect group. On the contrary, he was a triple victim: a Muslim, a refugee, and a racial minority. That means that for addled leftists such as Stephanie Clemons Thompson, he is the real victim, no matter what he did.


What a kook!

Liberal loons have taken diversity so far that we’re supposed to include terrorists among those we tolerate? Thanks but no thanks.

Even she must realize that she’s a bit insane, given how she didn’t want this post to be shared with everyone. She realized that if the word of her comments got her, sane America wouldn’t respond kindly.

But yes, this woman really wants to make Abdul a Black Lives Matter martyr. Talk about judging someone on no basis except for the color of their skin.

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