Ohio State University Remembers Muslim Terrorist As Victim Of Police Violence

Sometimes when you look at the cases Black Lives Matter gets outraged at, it’s hard not to think that circumstances don’t matter to them at all.

Take cases like Michael Brown for instance, when they pushed the false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” when in reality he had assaulted a store owner, police officer, and reached for his firearm.

Or take the case of Sylville Smith, who was shot by a police officer in Milwaukee. There’s video footage of rioters targeting white people for beat downs in retaliation for the shooting. One rioter was caught on camera (before all hell broke loose) stating that “we cannot cohabitate with white people anymore.” Oh – and did I mention that Smith was shot while armed with a stolen firearm – and that he was killed by a black officer? An interesting case to highlight as an example of “racist” police brutality, nonetheless.

The latest “martyr” of police “violence”? An ISIS-inspired terrorist who was killed in the middle of his attack. Yes – these people really are this freaking insane.

As Milo Yiannopoulos reported:

The Ohio State University assailant from Nov. 28th is being remembered as a victim, and not a dangerous example of what radical Islam looks like on our soil as many people, including President-elect Trump, have referred to him.

The OSU Coalition for Black Liberation staged an event in front of the Thompson Library on December 7th, where they read off the names of migrants who had been shot by police.

And you guessed it, it wouldn’t be a liberal gathering without self guilt and honoring the terrorists that plight our society.

About 25 students gathered to read the names, which they have been doing since October continuously adding new names each week.

The event was meant to focus on the repercussions that last week’s attack has had on minority communities.

It’s getting to the point where I feel like I’m living in an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s like our satire is the Left’s reality.

As nice as it is that their complete disconnect with reality is helping us win elections, but I’d really like it if the millions of people in the Democrat Party were a bit more sane. We have to live with them after all.

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