WATCH: Ohio Elector Sends A FIERY Message To Trump Haters And They Aren’t Going To Like It! (VIDEO)

Ohio elector Richard Jones, burns anti-Trump letters in a glowing bonfire. What a Beautiful sight!

Richard Jones is the sheriff of Butler County, Ohio, and a Republican elector. The burning Letters were pathetic pleas for Jones to turn against President-elect Donald Trump and to become a defective elector. With a cigar in his mouth and a match in his hand, Jones gives a red-hot fiery message back to defectors. After casting his vote for President-elect Donald Trump on Monday, Jones posted several videos of burning thousands of anti-Trump letters in his firepit.

“No more letters today. We’ve got our electoral votes and we got a new president. We’ve got our Trump sign here and we’ve got our cows over here, they’re supporting Trump also. So as you can see thousands of letters are gonna be right here today in the ol’ fire pit. God Bless America”. -Jones.

“Got a lot of letters to burn, could be burning letters all night,” Jones said in one video. “It’s over, we’ve got a new president. Thanks to American, thanks to Ohio for their electoral votes that allowed me to be an elector.” -Jones.

Donald Trump will be the new President come January 20th, and that’s been the case since Nov. 8th. On Monday, Trump secured his win when Electoral College voters gathered in their state capitals to formally vote for the president. Democrats held onto a pathetic microscopic chance that Clinton might still make it to the oval office. They relied on defector electors to help reach their improbable goal. A desperate effort by some on the left wrote letters to Trump electors trying to persuade them to switch their votes. They hoped to keep Trump from getting the 270 votes he needed. Not only did that not happen, but more electors tried to defect from Hillary Clinton than from Trump. Trump secured 304 electoral votes, only two fewer than he earned in November.

NPR reported which electors defected from their candidate.

The Weather outside is frightful, but the fire of victory is so delightful. Seeing Clinton’s chance to make it to the oval office figuratively and literally go up in smoke is like an early Christmas present. Thank you, Richard Jones, for not only being a man of integrity but giving us all a last ‘hurrah, in your face liberals’. Victory is so sweet, and for some so warm.

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