Excerpted From Mad World News: The wife of the second Oklahoma man who threatened to behead a co-worker is asking anyone who will listen to donate to a fund to free her husband who’s now being held for terrorism. The frightening part is that her efforts are paying off.

Jacob Muriithi, 30, threatened his female co-worker at the nursing home the two work at, saying that after work he was going to cut off her head. He allegedly wanted to post the murder on Facebook so his ISIS comrades would see it. Muriithi verbally threatened her again just before work was finished because “that’s just what we do.”

Muriithi’s wife, Hollie Muriithi has since created a GoFundMe account to free her husband who is being held by officials for his terroristic threats. She believes in her husband’s innocence based on the claim that he is a devoted Catholic, not a Muslim.

The crowed-sourcing site this doting and delusional wife created has requested ten thousand dollars in donations and insists Jacob is innocent, stating this ridiculous rhetoric written by Hollie:

Hello everyone! I am here asking for your support to help bring my husband and the father of our child back home. He was taken  into custody, and is being charged as of right now as an muslim terrorist. We all know this is not for we are devoted Catholics and I want to clear his name and bring him back home to his family where he belongs, and can feel save while we go through this hardship. I am asking for your help because the attorney fees and the bonds are extremely high. My family and I have been able to raise money but we are not able to raise all of it. I am here to ask for your support, and we know some will not be able to help but I ask you still spread the word and continue to pray for us. I want to thank everyone for taking time to look at this and ask that you please pray for our family.God Bless you all.

Hollie has managed to raise more than one thousand dollars of the approximately ten thousand to help with attorney fees from individuals who have read her request for help.

An update was posted on the funding page today thanking donors for their contributions:

I just got done talking to Jacob and he is so thankful for all the people behind him. He wants to personally thank each and everyone one of you! God bless you all.

Hollie has a long road ahead of her to raise the funds necessary to free her jihadist husband who’s bond is set at $1 million.

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