JUST IN: O’Keefe Tells Trump To Hold On His Lawsuit Cause He Has Something Else That’s Going To EXPLODE!

What is it, what is it, what is it!! We want to know!

Well, you’ll want to know once you learn what the heck I’m talking about. As we are all aware, it has just been proven that the violent protesting and dramatic craziness that has been going down at Trump rallies, has in fact been a part of an elaborate attempt by the Hillary camp to shut him down.

We have learned this through proof that has come to light, including an actual ‘paycheck’ written out for $1500 from the Hillary camp to one of the protesters.

Also, there is James O’Keefe. Our newest hero, for many…many reasons. He released video that included multiple people admitting, explaining, and stating that they have purposely hired all sorts of people to start violence and uproar at Trump rallies…and MORE!

For the past few weeks, the skeletons that have been hiding in the Hillary camp closest have started coming out in FUll MARCH!

Now, we learn something else is coming…and it sounds like it’s going to be HUGE!


In response to his tweet of Donald Trump’s …. James O’Keefe says this:


Now let me repeat…

What is it! What is it! What is it! We want to know!

I’m sure now you get the anticipation of it all.

I guess we will just have to wait until Monday. So be watching for this grand release of information…

We all have known all along, that Hillary and the people she chooses to surround herself with are all corrupt crooks that would sell their own Mother’s soul if it meant winning power, fame, or money. I mean, it would have to be their Mothers….their own was sold long long ago.

But…getting actual evidence from a source like James O’Keefe? That’s SOLID. Everything he’s done so far has been very legit.

Keep your eyes open…Monday should be pretty popp’in!

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