(from the Examiner) The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, punished one of its own veteran police commanders for his refusal to attend a Muslim religious service being held at a mosque he said practiced radical Islamic dogma, according to court records. He also “dared” to refuse to order his officers to visit a mosque he alleges has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Captain Paul Fields said he was told to participate in what he characterized as a “proselytizing” Islamic worship service and that he must also order the police officers under his command to also attend and participate in the service. As a result he was relieved of his command and was harassed by the Internal Affairs Division (IAD), a group called the “rat squad” by most American cops in a majority of law enforcement agencies.

“Once some IAD squad begins to investigate you, even if you have an immaculate record as a cop, they dig until they find something that they can point to as being misconduct or corruption,” said former police detective Sid Franes, who worked with a former IAD lieutenant in New York. “In Fields’ case it appears they were claiming he was prejudiced against Muslims and he wasn’t fit to lead police officers,” Franes added.

When Fields took legal action against his police department, it ended up before the federal judges who sat on theTenth Circuit Court of Appeals and the court upheld the punishment of Capt. Fields. In essence the court ruled that the decorated cop should have visited the mosque and brought his officers with him as he was ordered to do by the city’s political leaders.

“Here is another example of lawyers wearing black robes telling Americans what church services they must attend. Would they have ruled this way if it were a Muslim being ordered to attend and participate in a religious service at a Hindu temple? Or at a Catholic Cathedral? I think not,” notes former police lieutenant and campus police chief Lloyd Herrington. “Fields was part of an object lesson to follow a politically-correct orthodoxy that’s taking over the nation and its public and private sector institutions,” Herrington said.

Now Capt. Fields, with the help of a legal foundation that fights for constitutional rights, especially First Amendment rights, is aiming to take his legal battle to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Thomas Moore Law Center is providing Fields with pro-bono legal help in fighting not only a major city police department but also a federal court that has “lost its way” with a warped understanding of the U.S. Constitution and America values

The law center’s lead counsel, Richard Thompson, said in a statement: “This case is another startling example of applying a double standard when Christian civil rights are involved. If this were a Catholic or Protestant prayer event, I am positive no Muslim police officer would have been ordered to attend. Further, no federal court would have approved the punishment of a Muslim officer had he refused to attend.”

The Muslim event was characterized as the mosque’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, but it allegedly had nothing to do with appreciation of police officers. According to Fields’ attorneys, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day involved the captain and his officers taking a tour of the mosque, attending a meeting with the mosque’s leadership, attending the Muslim’s weekly prayer service, acquainting the police officers with Islamic religious reading material, and lectures on Islamic beliefs.

The event, which was scheduled for Friday, March 4, 2011, which the Islamic leaders said was a “holy day,” was also going to familiarize the cops with a white-washed version of Mohammad’s life as well as key elements of the Muslim religion and prayers. Originally, the police officers were asked to attend voluntarily, but the majority of officers refused the invitation. At that point the police were mandated to show up at the mosque.

According to Thomas More attorneys and Capt. Fields, the mosque’s clerics were clever in hiding their suspected radical-brand of Islam. For example, according to the law center, the same Muslim leaders had hosted a dinner to honor one of unindicted Imam Siraj Wahhaj co-conspirators involved in the 1993 bombing in New York City at the lower-level of the World Trade Center, that killed six people and injured many others.

Fields and his legal team possess evidence that the same Siraj Wahhaj told Muslims in New Jersey in 1992, that he wished Muslims were cleverer politically so they could take over the United States and replace its Representative-Republic government with a caliphate and Shariah law.

Prior to the World Trade Center attack, Wahhaj said “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing, and the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”

Erin Mersino, the Thomas More attorney handling the Fields case, said in a statement:

[pull_quote_left]“[This] matter is now ripe for the United States Supreme Court’s review. As the petition states, the City of Tulsa has been allowed to punish a public employee, Captain Fields, for his right to seek redress of a civil rights violation in court. The Thomas More Law Center is hopeful that the United States Supreme Court will step in to right the wrongful punishment and retaliation Captain Fields has faced because of his Christian beliefs.”[/pull_quote_left]

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