Olympics: U.S. Women Gymnasts Shock The World Praising Jesus Publicly; CNN Still Airing Muslim Loser

I am disgusted to see how the Muslims have behaved in this Olympics. Not that any of this surprises me. These beautiful women will be ignored by the media. Our country has become so obsessed with kissing the ass of Islam.

There is a war on Christianity.. you can laugh at that or deny it all you want. We have seen it time and time again on how Christians are treated horribly. Yet, all that people focus on is how we are supposed to treat people who refuse to coexist with the rest of the world. Islam is nothing but a hate-filled death cult. Why any of them were allowed to go to the Olympics is disgusting. Just look at how the Israeli athletes have been treated.

God bless our girls!


From NewsBusters

While the media rushed to report the stories of the U.S. women gymnasts as they began competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics, many reporters overlooked their main inspiration: faith.

The United States sent five female gymnasts to Brazil. The media have featured the faith of other American competitors, such as Ibtihaj Muhammad who wore a hijab while competing. But will they do the same for these women who have also publicized their faith?


Some conservative and religious media outlets have focused on the gymnasts’ faith (Christian and Jewish), many larger news outlets have yet to do so.

Simone Biles

A Catholic, gymnast Biles lights a candle to St. Sebastian (who happens to be the patron saint of both athletes and Rio) before her events. She carries a rosary with her as well.

“My mom, Nellie, got me a rosary at church,” the 19-year-old told US Weekly. “I don’t use it to pray before a competition. I’ll just pray normally to myself, but I have it there in case.” Read More


“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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