OMG! They Just Finished Counting Trump’s Votes, I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing


Last week’s election marked but the second time our electoral college system screwed over Hillary Clinton. Not only did she win the popular vote on Tuesday but get decimated in the electoral college – when she ran in the Democrat Primary in 2008 she got more votes than Barack Obama but got fewer delegates.

Obama’s backers didn’t seem to care about that back in 2008, but all of a sudden when it gets a Republican elected they’re outraged.

Lest they forget, the electoral college exists for a reason. The majority of population lives in concentrated parts of the east and west coast, which allow only their interests to be represented in absence of an electoral college. The coasts may have all the population, but the interests of middle-America are very real, and deserve representation too (certainly because geographically, it makes up most of the country).

Besides, in absence of the electoral college, campaigns would be run differently anyway. You’d actually see Republicans campaigning in deep-Blue states like California, and Democrats in Texas. If Trump could turn Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida to vote for him, are we really supposed to believe he wouldn’t have been able to get the popular vote if that was the goal?

Of course not. And just got any liberals out there, here’s what the electoral map looks like at the country by country level. It’s essentially “why we have an electoral college” in one picture. As World News Politics reported:

Trump took MORE than 60% of the total states. Check out this map of the People’s votes by county. Tell me if you can agree with the Left that Hillary in any way beat Trump.

The media isn’t talking about that. Instead they take video and pictures of a few hundred snowflakes gathered to protest and riot against the choice of the majority. Additionally, the media isn’t reporting that Trump didn’t get 270 electoral votes. Trump took the MAJORITY in the electoral college. He CRUSHED her… but that’s not what’s being reported. Instead they keep reporting that Trump got 279 electoral votes. The truth is that Trump earned 306 electoral votes whereas Hillary only received 232. Trump took 57% of the electoral votes.


Think about it – most communities lean Right, they just don’t have large populations, while liberals crowd into metropolitan areas. When you look at the map above and see over 90% of the map is Red – thank God we have an electoral college.