OMG! The World’s Most Hilarious Anti Hillary Bumper Sticker- Country Music Fans Will LOVE!

Hillary Clinton is often called different names, especially by Donald Trump. They are nothing if not creative. But a new identifier will definitely stick! A man was found driving around in his truck with an amazing message on the back of his tailgate in order to benevolently educate the uninformed. It spells out perfectly what is wrong with Hillary Clinton.

James saw a truck and he decided he needed to grab a picture. He followed the truck to a nearby parking lot to get a better look. James decided to send the picture to a buddy.

His friend posted it online for the amusement of all. And boy has it amused us! It’s been shared hundreds of times on social media. The picture shows a bumper sticker on the back of the truck that simply says, “I love country music,” with five pictures below it.

The pictures definitely make clear this truck driver is no Hillary Clinton friend. The pictures are as follows, an eye for the word “I”, a heart meant for “love,” the word “country” is directly split between the two following images. A picture of a tree which depicts the end of the world and a picture that appears to be a silhouette of Hillary Clinton.

The real kicker. Hillary being in the middle represents the cu** sound of the word country. It’s pretty easy to see what this guy is calling the democratic presumptive presidential nominee.

Hillary Clinton has so many names because she truly a horrid and terrible human being.

As Robert Rich of MadWorldNews said,

“When it comes down to it, Hillary Clinton is both the least qualified (as her past demonstrates) person for the job, and she is the complete opposite of what our nation needs right now. You don’t get to break every rule in the book (i.e. her emails) and even be responsible for the deaths of Americans and still get to be our leader. If she couldn’t protect just 4 men, why would anyone trust her to keep all Americans safe?”

Everything he said pretty much embodies why we all despise her.

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