(excerpted from IJReview) On Sunday, the Kurdish Regional Government released a 60-second video showing a powerful difference between The Peshmerga (Kurdish Forces) and ISIS terrorists.

The Peshmerga have been on the ground fighting ISIS since the Islamic militants invaded Iraq. And they have proven to be warriors who show the best that humanity has to offer.

In August, the Peshmerga helped saved thousands of Yazidis trapped on a mountain from being slaughtered by ISIS from below.

Peshmerga fighters help refugees displaced by ISIS. Image Credit: Syndey Morning Herald.

In addition, since Desert Storm the Kurds have proven to be a valuable ally. Former Green Beret Robert Patrick Lewis told IJReview, “If it weren’t for the Kurds we would have never been able to get into Iraq.”

And as they face ISIS with AK-47s and unarmored vehicles, the U.S. should honor its promise to give the Peshmerga the military aid that they so desperately need.

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