RAMclr-120414-divide-IBD-COLOR-FINAL-147President Barack Obama promised to be the first post-racial, post-partisan president.

Of course, he promised a lot of things.

He promised, for instance, that you could keep your doctor and your health plan if you wanted to.

He promised to preside over the most transparent administration in the nation’s history.

He promised to restore America’s international reputation.

For that matter, he also promised to defend the Constitution.

I think we all know how that worked out.

Now a new cartoon has been published that sums up perfectly what Obama’s polices have done to America:

Obama has arguably divided America more than any president since Lyndon Johnson, and for largely the same reasons — political gain.

Meanwhile, his allies in the mainstream media cover up his scandals, corruption and mistakes as if they were actually on his payroll.

He sets the rich against the poor with his taxation policies that ask those with more to give what he considers “their fair share.”

He and his sycophants blame racism for any argument against his policies, most recently, for Republican opposition to his executive order granting amnesty from deportation to millions of illegal immigrants.

As if Republicans were opposed to immigration reform, or even immigration itself. Such an obviously counterfactual narrative serves only to distract Americans from the realities of Obama’s unconstitutional actions and the real reasons for conservative opposition to them.

Which, of course, is precisely the point.

Courtesy of the Conservative Tribune

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