Lone liberal Bob Beckel on Fox News’ popular program “The Five,” became so enraged at fellow network colleague Jesse Watters on air Thursday that he actually flipped him off on live television — all over the left’s almighty “race card.”

The all-conservative panel plus Beckel had been discussing Democrats’ abuse of the “race card” on Republicans surrounding the midterm elections, when Watters declared, “Anything that threatens the Democrat monopoly on the black vote, threatens the entire power structure of the Democrat party.”

Beckel initially responded to Watters’ comment saying, “Oh, come on,” in an obvious frustrated tone, before arguing that the examples cited on the show were not representative of the Democratic party as a whole, Mediaite reported.

“Were there any white Democrats denouncing their rhetoric?” Watters replied. “I didn’t hear any. So they’re OK with it.”

Beckel stated, “I’m denouncing it.” To which Watters shot back at Beckel, “You’re not a leader.”

That was the critical comment that sent the liberal over the top, losing all control of professionalism and flipping his guest off — and the cameras caught it.

Watch the argument on Fox News’ “The Five” here:

-Courtesy of Mad World News

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