This One Giuliani Comment On Black Parents Has Sent Liberals Into A RAGE! (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani made an appearance on CBS News recently, and what he had to say had liberal’s heads spinning! Mostly because it was truth..and the truth seems to really hit Libs hard. They just can’t handle it. In fact, they may just be allergic to truth. At least that would make more sense..

Former New York City mayor threw ‘politically correct’ out the door when he stated that black-on-black violence is FAR more the bigger danger in today’s African-American community than the police.

Yes, that’s all he said. The truth. Yet, this truth was enough for OUTRAGE among liberals to ensue.

Actually, the outrage could also have been fueled when he went on to give some much needed advice to African-American parents.

“teach your children to be respectful to the police, and you’ve got to teach your children that the real danger to them is not the police.”

Giuliani believes that if we are going to change for the better as a nation, then we need to look differently at race in America. He says, we have looked at race the same way for the past 20 years and that’s how we got to where we are.

He also called for more understanding from both white and black people. How do you feel about that?

As you watch the video you will hear how Giuliani explains what he means when he says, it will take both White and Blacks to change in order for any healing to take place.

Although what he has said is causing quite a ruckus among liberals, a lot of what he is saying makes a ton of sense, if not all.

But, don’t take my word for it…see for yourself.

This sick cycle of violence that is plaguing Americans across the country and putting our men and women in blue in far more danger than they need to be didn’t just happen overnight. Although for some, it sure feels like it. What has happened is a breakdown of both our moral and spiritual principles as a nation.

No longer are we a nation under God, but a few Americans here and there under God in a nation of Americans who have lost their way or have been tortured by their bitterness so long they can no longer see the truth. So they live a lie.

Are we not all Americans? Free Americans, with the ability to use our freedoms to progress in this life as we see fit? Who is the puppet master that is pulling all our strings to aim at one another? Hate does not just exist, it is created by someone’s agenda. So what we as Americans should do, is ask ourselves a very simple question.

Who stands to gain from a nation, whose people have become divided? Well, that would be the one who wants to be the hero at the end of the day, for glory and power, wouldn’t it?

In order to obtain the glory and power they seek…they need a controlled catastrophe, created for the sole purpose of being able to swoop in and save everyone.

Now, think about it. Who wants that kind of control?

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking. You might just realize, that we are wasting very precious time in a race war, that exists only as a smokescreen.

We need to find our way back, to being ONE nation… no longer divided.

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