One Marine’s Simple Tribute to American Sniper Chris Kyle Will Leave You Breathless [VIDEO]


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On a recent trip to the site her husband, American Sniper Chris Kyle, was murdered Taya Kyle heard the story of a fellow SEAL and his tribute on that very ground.

Rough Creek Lodge general manager Paul Boccafogli recalled one of Kyle’s former SEAL teammates who wanted to pay tribute to “The Legend.”

“They called me on the radio and said ‘There’s a Marine down at the front desk. He wants to talk to you.’

“His name was Mac. He was in Dallas and he wanted to come out here to see where the incident took place.

“So we got to talkin’ a little bit. I wanted to verify, make sure I knew who he was and what he was saying was true… and it was. So I brought him out here and he had this Trident.

“He asked me if he could leave it here because he said Chris had saved his life. If it wasn’t for Chris, he wouldn’t have gotten married and he wouldn’t have a ten year old little boy.”

You can see the tradition of pounding Tridents into a casket in this footage from Kyle’s funeral:

Rest in Peace, Chief Kyle. Rest in Peace.

Kyle Casket Trident


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