One State’s Schools Will Now Force Students To Honor Muslim Holidays


Although Islam has successfully conquered much of the world throughout history by the sword, modern-day Islamists know there are three ways to much more effectively establish Sharia within the Western world: government, media, and education.

By patiently and consistently infiltrating both the government and media, the masses can be more assimilated to Sharia. However, infiltrating the schools is the most important aspect to securing a future Caliphate in even the most democratic nation.

Children are the future, and however they are educated to think will be the legislation of future generations, and so-on-and-so-forth. Muslims know this all too well, and they are growing jihadists in our classrooms right under our noses.

Starting next fall, all schools in the Waterbury district of Connecticut will be honoring major Muslim holidays, News 8 reports.

The appeasement followed a petition of over 300 signatures demanding the schools cooperate with the uncooperative, minority religious group.

“Growing up in Waterbury myself and going to school here, I missed a trip because of the holiday,” said Fahd Syed, a local parent. “I had to choose my faith and I didn’t go to the trip. That was in the third grade at Washington Elementary.”

“We were approached about this, and we thought about it, and honored it,” Board of Education President Charles Stango said of the ferocity of such a small, demanding group.

Superintendent Dr. Cathleen Ouellette announced that “a sensitivity memo will go out to the district to teachers and staff, asking them to be sensitive to the Muslim holidays in regards to scheduling assessments and major events that happen through the district.”

The problem with this is that uneducated leaders of the school district are forcing the non-Muslim majority to be respectful to a religious group that has no respect for others. It directly puts the offenders on a pedestal in front of young, malleable minds to promote such intolerance as praise-worthy.

It starts with an education on cultural differences, then leads to a respect of those differences. Soon, children are taught to honor those differences in order to make other cultures feel welcome. The honor becomes appeasement, and appeasement becomes bowing.

One State's Schools Will Now Force Students To Honor Muslim Holidays

Respecting and observing Muslim holidays is agreeing that there is something respectable about these holidays, and that they should be recognized for it.

The hypocrisy is that American children are being taught to honor the differences of a religion that has slaughtered over 270 million non-Muslims because of their differences.

Tolerating intolerance is a sure way to end up without any choice in the matter.

Would you be okay if your child’s school wanted to honor Muslim holidays? Let us know in the comments.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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