One Word On Restaurant Owner’s Blunt Sign Offends ‘Tolerant’ Muslims..THIS IS AWESOME!!

So, I know a nice Mexican-American guy who owns a restaurant here. His name is Jesús. He put his name on a sign in front of his establishment. As a Christian, it really offended me that he used the name of our Lord & Savior in such a vile way, so I burned his place down. Not.

Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with these Islamists taking offense to a guy using his own name on a sign? But you know, it is an Obama world we live in. So tolerant of other’s freedom of expression (end sarcasm)

PS..I love the sh-t out of this guy’s sign. Someone get him a job on SNL!


A restaurant owner in Petersberg, Virginia was fed up with disrespectful customers, so he decided to put up a blunt sign, outlining the rules for his establishment. As is typical, “tolerant” Muslims took offense and told him his sign needed to change. They were focused on one word in particular, and they wanted it gone.

The controversial sign outside Mun Cheese has gone viral. Apparently, not everyone agrees with restaurant owner Mohamed Salama’s rules and chose to take offense to the sign. Ironically, of all those making a fuss, it was his fellow Muslims who he says were most offended, and their disapproval all boiled down to one word.

The controversial sign. (Source: The Blaze)

The policies are blunt and include things such as, “We are here to serve you…not to kiss your @#$’? and Due to ‘da’ price increase 4 ammo…Do not expect a warning shot (For those who want 2 act a fool).” Such bluntness didn’t sit well with some customers, and Salama explains that “most who got mad were my people,” referring to his fellow Muslims. It was one word in particular that they wanted gone. The only question is, did you catch it?

A “local mosque” put the pressure on Salama, and a change was made to his sign. They wanted one word in particular removed, and the owner obliged his fellow Muslims. So, what was the offensive word? His first name.

That’s right. The Muslims didn’t like the fact that Salama had his own name on the sign. Since Mohamed is also the name of the “prophet” of Islam, the “tolerant” Muslims weren’t going to have it on such a sign. It didn’t matter that this was the business owner’s own name too.

“I got people who came from the mosque trying to tell me you shouldn’t put your name like that because this is really not representing the name or the religion,” Salama explained. “I will take it off for them. I might just play a little bit with the words to not make it offend anybody.”

Although he told The Blaze that he has no regrets, he has taken his name off the sign and also put tape over a few of the “words that might offend people” because he “want his restaurant to be a place for all.” Like a good Muslim, he’s willing to bend to the will of “his people,” and we can only wonder if that’s because he knows what will happen if he doesn’t.

Via Mad World News


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