Open Borders Advocates Won’t Be Happy with the Latest News on the 8th Paris Terrorist


From IJReview: One of the remaining terrorists who laid siege to paris earlier this month in attacks which killed 130 civilians is believed to have fled to Syria, according to French intelligence services.

First reported by CNN, Salah Abdeslam has apparently made it out of Europe and into Syria, despite massive sweeps and crackdowns during the continental manhunt.

Recently, new information about the 26-year-old jihadist has come to light. According to CNN:

“Police also believe Abdeslam bought 10 detonators from a fireworks shop on Paris’ northern outskirts before the November 13 attacks, the source close to the investigation said.”

Abdeslam’s successful escape to Syria, should it be true, contrasts starkly with the fate of the other terrorists sharing responsibility for the attacks. In the days following the attacks, authorities conducted a series of raids in suburbs of Paris, which led to the death of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged planner of the murderous attacks.

The European Union’s open border policy, which has been heavily criticized by French officials in recent weeks, could have potentially allowed Abdeslam to slip through.

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