Look At How Much Oppression Colin Kaepernick Is Dealing With! WOW! Speechless!

So for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the United States is a terrible place. It’s so awful, racist, and oppressive that he can’t even bring himself to stand for the National Anthem. But funnily enough, it seems like this country has been pretty darn good to him.

Kaepernick has been living it up as a professional football player. He gets to enjoy things like fancy cars:

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And check out his house! Man, it looks like he’s got it really rough.

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He gets to own exotic pets:

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More fancy cars:

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And did we mention his shoe collection? Oh yeah. He owns over 500 pairs of shoes.

Football star Colin Kaepernick has so many pairs of kicks that he was forced to turn his garage into a closet in order to house his massive shoe collection.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who is signed with Nike, regularly posts photos of shoes to his social media accounts using the hashtag #Sneakerhead.

Since he started showing off his collection on Instagram in June of 2012, Kaepernick has clearly been amassing more footwear and now appears to have at least 500 pairs of shoes.

Check out the photos! It must be nice to have such an incredible collection.

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Image result for colin kaepernick shoes

And being a professional football player certainly has its benefits:

If you’re wondering how he’s able to afford all of this, that’s pretty easy. It’s thanks to his massive signing bonus with the 49ers. He was given over $120 million, just to play football.

By anyone’s standards, he’s been living the good life. Except all he can do is complain and pretend to be “oppressed”. It’s pretty hypocritical of him to accept all of this success and money and opportunity, which he could never get living anywhere else, while whining about how he can’t stand for the National Anthem because he’s “oppressed”. Maybe try a little gratitude next time, Kaepernick.

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