Oprah Breaks Her Silence On Trump’s Victory… Leaves Fans At A Loss For Words

WOW! It’s not all to often I get to side with Oprah when it comes to politics, but this time….boy is this time different. She has some sense. She has some intuition, and this time her intuition is keeping her on point.

There has been such an uproar from the left after the election results that things have become a lot more clear. Unless you are one that chooses to stay cynical and is unable to discern when change is good and real and not a facade.

The ‘angry’ left believes that a ‘racist America’ has just taken over, and all their hopes and dreams and feeling of safety in their own country has been dashed to pieces and their world turned upside down.

That’s been their whole problem this entire time. They have inadvertently made their own worst nightmare come truth (a very ill perceived one, but THERE personal nightmare still the same) and they are not understanding this truth either, so CONTINUE to act like fools even after their dooms day has presented itself.

Here’s the best explanation on HOW it is they did it…this is a rant from an internet satirist, but a very insightful one indeed.

That there is a leftist opinion I can understand. I can even understand his hate for Trump, I don’t agree with it, but I can understand how his perception got him to those thoughts.

You can’t do that for any of the angry leftists on fb, twitter, or on the streets right now screaming with rage “NOT MY PRESIDENT!” and why? For the exact same reasons he is explaining here… they aren’t here to debate, or discuss or find reason and understanding…they are only here to MAKE you believe what they do, or else you’re a RACIST.

Truth of the matter is…

All us non-racist, non-misogynist, non-homophobic, non-bigoted, normal everyday hardworking Americans who for the most part mind our own business and take care of our families GOT SICK OF BEING CALLED… racists, misogynists, homophobes, and bigots!

So we went out and we voted to make sure HILLARY…the LEFT’S candidate did NOT get into the White House. Even people who have never opted to vote in their entire life, got their ass up and out to vote. Because they were so sick of the left’s behavior.

Now, Oprah Winfrey…a very well known Hollywood liberal who was dead set on hating Trump and pushing Hillary, has come out with a message that is leaving her bleeding heart (yet rage machine) liberal followers at a total loss for words…

Check this out….you won’t believe it, until you see it.

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