Oregon Killer Seemed HAPPY As He Shot A Woman In A WHEELCHAIR, Says Survivor (VIDEO)


From Right Scoop: The depth of depravity in this murderers acts is still not fully explored. On Sunday, we have learned three terrible new things about the murders. That he made a woman beg for her life before killing her, that he made Christians crawl across the floor to be murdered, and now, that he made a disabled woman who was on the floor climb back into her wheelchair so he could kill her in it.

“He seemed happy about it.”

More, from CNN:

“When he came in, he told everybody to get on the ground. Everybody tried to huddle to the ground,” she said, including the woman in the wheelchair.

“She got off the chair, she went on the ground and then he told her to get back on the chair. And then she tried to climb back on the chair, and then he shot her.”

It’s not yet known who the woman in the wheelchair was, but victim Sarena Moore posted on her Facebook page in July that she had a new service dog.

Sick. Vile. Inhuman. There just aren’t enough words. A truly appalling abomintion.

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