O’Reilly Just Crushed Megyn Kelly For Trying To Make A Name For Herself At Trump’s Expense [VIDEO]

Someone hand Megyn Kelly a tissue. She’s probably crying right now that her queen bee Hillary Clinton is possibly off driving Uber or in the unemployment line since she lost the election to a guy with no political background whatsoever.

How bad is your candidate if they lose to an orange guy with no political experience? That’s BAD!! You have to be the worst candidate in Presidential history if you can’t even beat the guy with no experience! BOOM! Trump Train just ran through town and wrecked Hillary!

First Obama wrecked her. Now Donald Trump wrecks her. Hillary is not wanted as a President. When Trump won Florida, we knew it was OVER. Then he wins Pennsylvania!!! OH MAN!! CHOO CHOOOOOO! Steamroll this b*tch!!

I think Megyn Kelly is really upset about that. I don’t even know why Fox has her working with them. She’s like a democrat in hiding and she’s really not entertaining.

Here’s a video where O’Reilly drops some truth bombs about why and how Donald Trump was elected. I really like the point that he makes about people being tired of their taxes being used to pay for people to live and game the welfare system. That’s HUGE and we need to put an end to it.

Conservative 101 – Megyn Kelly was devastated after her goddess Hillary lost the election. O’Reilly had some strong words against the way she acted during this election and how it will affect her.

While he didn’t say her name specifically, it was obvious that he was talking about her. “Distrust of the media is at an all-time high in the U.S.A.,” started O’Reilly.

“So when left wing zealots masquerading as journalists pounded Trump without mercy voters grew numb to it,” he continued.

“Some of that even happened on this network as a few commentators tried to make names for themselves at Trump’s expense,” he said.

People all over America are very tired of the intolerant left wing psychotics running around with their inability to have a normal discussion, forcing their agenda down your throat, and calling you names when you disagree with them.

They don’t know the meaning of compromise.

We do.

Does anyone forget that Donald Trump used to be a democrat? He’s a democrat who ran as a republican candidate. This might be the biggest compromise you could find.

He understands the train of thought from each party and might bring us a working solution for a lot of problems.

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