O’Reilly Just Got PERFECT Revenge On Crooked Liberal Executives Who Pushed For His Termination

Liberals have been celebrating ever since Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly earlier this week. The left has been gunning for the conservative talk show host for quite some time, and they finally have succeeded. However, even though they may have won the first round does not mean they will keep winning.

This was an obvious hit job done by the liberal minded Media Matters and of course, George Soros. This is a leftist group that targets prominent figures in the conservative talk show world. So, it is hard to believe that after all these years of O’Reilly being in the public eye that he is all of the sudden a sexual deviant. However, that does not matter to the executives in Fox News and they fired the popular host.

Many have wondered how this will play out for the media network now. Obviously, those who watch Fox News are huge conservatives and O’Reilly is a large draw for the network. Now, with O’Reilly gone will Fox News be able to hang onto their conservative base?

The set of The O’Reilly Factor is now empty.

Only time will tell, but I think that O’Reilly may get the sweetest revenge watching Fox News’s ratings begin to plummet. See, without O’Reilly and his fan base, Fox News could witness a rating freefall. It is quite possible that viewers may abandon the traditional media networks in favor of alternative sources.

New York Times writer Jim Rutenberg had this to say about O’Reilly’s viewers.“

“First, there is Mr. O’Reilly’s own audience, which steadfastly stuck with him — and then some — as the revelations about sexual harassment first emerged in The New York Times. For as long as he has been ‘looking out for’ them — as he puts it — he has sworn to beat back the ‘secular progressive’ forces of political correctness.

He added, “His fans told interviewers they doubted the allegations against him, describing him as an ‘easy target’ for liberal groups and the same mainstream media he has made a career of lambasting.”

Chris Ruddy, the CEO Newsmax Media, has even said that Fox News may be in some serious trouble now. “Generally, the Fox audience is not going to be happy the network fired him. They’re going to think it was unfair.”

“Generally, the Fox audience is not going to be happy the network fired him. They’re going to think it was unfair.”

Chris Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media

To be honest, I am going to have to agree with Ruddy on his observation. This was an obvious hit job by the left to take out a strong voice in the conservative world. It is quite possible that these allegations were completely false, but the network caved. Now, that gives these liberal asshats more leverage to continue their sick games.

O’Reilly could have sweet revenge if he plays his cards right.

The only thing that is good about this is that O’Reilly may be able to branch out on his now. He certainly has the following and he is a trusted source in the news industry. So, I think it is possible that O’Reilly may emerge on the alternative news racket sooner than later. Anywhere goes will bring tons of viewers and revenue for the company.

Like I said before, these liberals hacks may have won the first battle, but I believe that O’Reilly will have the last laugh.

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