OSU Student Leaks Unbelievable Thing Military Classmates Did During Attack

The nation was gripped with yet another attack that may have been an Islamic terrorist attack (still investigating motive) at Ohio State University. As everyone’s minds are spinning with thoughts of who the attacker is and if the attacker has anything to do with ISIS…there is one story that has come out from the tragic event that is singing a much different tune. One of patriotism and heroism.

One student has stunned the nation with her story on what had went down during the horrific attack. She tells us what the military members in her classroom did as SOON as the attack began.

When something this terrifying happens, a typical reaction is people running. Literally running for their lives. Every now and then we get to hear of Good Samaritans who didn’t run, and instead put themselves in the line of danger to save others. These are the few brave souls whose stories need to be told, and this young lady is doing just that.

She witnessed her military classmates jump into action to protect her and her peers when all hell broke loose on campus.
Molly Clarke immediately took to social media to tell her story of how she watched military classmates jump to their feet and rush to guard the classroom doors, just in the case that the attacker decided to target students indoors.

She stated their training instantly kicked in and their heroic act quickly secured the area, relying on the only weapons allowed on campus…their own bodies.

“We have quite a few military men in our class, who are actually all standing by the doors, keeping us safe,” OSU student Molly Clarke said. “I’m feeling pretty good about that.”


She said along with other classmates felt safe, even in the midst of a potential terror attack, all due to the heroic actions these military classmates took no hesitation to make.

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