THEY ARE HELPLESS: OSU Students Blame “Racist” America For ISIS Terror Attack (VIDEO)

Liberal students at Ohio State University are clueless and useless. They’re at the location of the terrorist knife attack by a Somali refugee, Abdul Artan, and the students refuse to call the attack an act of terrorism. Oh sure, it’s just a normal day at OSU, right?


These are the kind of clueless students whom I predict will spend the rest of their lives in a bubbly safe space having a cry-in every time a terror attack occurs and they’ll refuse to call it what it is.

An ISIS inspired knife attack is an act of terrorism.


One moron says it was a misunderstanding. What? How dense are they? Was it a misunderstanding when the Muslim guy was probing his knife into 11 injured people and making the rest of the Muslims look like terrorists?

It’s about time for these moron students to step up and fight back. It’s time for the Muslims to denounce the bad behavior from the radical Islamic terrorists.

This was a terror attack where people were targeted for murder and the students at OSU can’t accept the fact that radical Islamic terror picked their university for an attack.

Just because it was a knife attack and not a plane diving into the school, that doesn’t make it any less of a terror attack.

Terror is terror and when people are running for their lives covered in blood thanks to a Muslim Somali refugee – that’s a terror attack, not a misunderstanding. Maybe putting American cheese on a sandwich instead of Swiss is a misunderstanding, but not putting a knife into people and making them look like the aforementioned Swiss.

Here’s what some liberal lunatics had to say about the Muslim terror attack at Ohio State University.

InfoWars – Students at Ohio State University told the Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy that “racism” and “misunderstanding” were to blame for Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s vehicle and knife rampage.

One student said he felt safe on campus while refusing to even acknowledge that the vehicle and knife attack, for which ISIS claimed responsibility, was a terrorist attack.

After after being reminded that ISIS had claimed responsibility, an older faculty member refused to admit the attack was terrorism, as did numerous other students who were seemingly under the impression that to call a terrorist attack a “terrorist attack” was politically incorrect.

Not politically correct? How correct is it to stab people? This buffoon is worried about being politically correct about someone who just tried to murder people at a college? What’s wrong, don’t want to hurt the attackers feelings and trigger them into stabbing someone else?

Stop being politically correct and just BE CORRECT.

This was a terror attack and these politically correct liberal basement dwelling future nobodies need to admit it.

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