UNREAL: What OSU Terrorist Was Doing Before Attack Is Beyond IRONIC…

The Ohio State University terrorist attack took everyone by surprise. While liberals tried blaming it on gun violence reports came out quickly showing that the only person who was shot was the suspect, by a police officer. And that it was instead a knife attack where he drove his car into a crowd of civilians in broad daylight. The suspect was Abdul Razak Ali Artan who was a Muslim refugee from Somalia.

The attack was similar to other ISIS style attacks in Brussels, Nice, Paris, Munich and more. ISIS had previously released video propaganda that encouraged knife attacks in the Western part of the world. That was mere weeks before the Ohio State University attack. Fortunately only eleven people were injured and there are no reported dead.

Allen B. West reported that ISIS claimed responsibility for the OSU attack and Artan’s social media pages indicated he had been heavily influenced by a radical American cleric named Anwar al-Awlaki. He had also in the past corresponded with the shooter from Fort Hood. After the attack a published paper appeared in which Artan had been quoted as complaining about the ways he felt Muslims were unfairly treated by the media.

Artan had been taking a social justice class at Ohio State University prior to the attack. Reason Magazine reported that he had been radicalized after learning about perceived injustices against the Muslim community. The class was called “Crossing Identity Boundaries.”

The topic of one group project was even microaggressions. It was a grade that was worth 15 percent of his final grade and he and his group were required to provide dozens of examples of different types of microaggressions. Furthermore, they had to explain why specific identity groups were victims.

The syllabus indicated that the purpose of the class was to encourage intercultural leadership and to turn students into,

“actively engaged, socially just global citizens/leaders.”

None of Artan’s fellow group mates would speak with reporters or comment on him or the project and class they worked on and were in together. The syllabus also noted that the purpose of the project was also to make students,

“recognize the role of social diversity and demonstrate an appreciation for other points of view and cultures.”


If anything radicalized this young man it was this ridiculous class that taught him to blame everyone else for his problems and created this narrative of victimhood in his head that potentially played a role in the attack.

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