OUCH: Kaine Wishes Camera Hadn’t Caught What He Did While Pence Praised Cops [VIDEO]

It was a deplorable night of debates when Mike Pence destroyed Tim Kaine, especially when they talked about the topic of racism and the American police force. Pence’s soft spoken and eloquent delivery praised police and reminded the public that we need to stop calling every shooting a racist incident.

Tim Kaine was uncomfortable. It was like his first prostate exam by a man with big hands. He was uneasy. He was sweating in his underwear. He continuously tried to interrupt Pence and Pence shrugged him off like a FAKE drunk homeless guy begging for change in the middle of a busy intersection.

We all know Tim Kaine shouldn’t be in any office. His rejected eyebrow and turd face is annoying. His voice is squeamish. His points are weak. No wonder Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her running mate – he’s the weakest link in politics and she can walk on him like a dirty rug from the movie Aladdin. He’s a joke and a mockery of politics. He looks like a rejected drunkard in a night club who wears women’s underwear since that’s as close to a woman as he’ll get and I’m sure there’s a Lifetime movie soon to be made about his failed career as a deplorable Grinch stunt double.

Pence destroyed Kaine.

Watch Kaine get crushed.

The topic of racism and cops isn’t really that sensitive anymore. Anyone with even a remotely small amount of intelligence knows that when a cop shoots a suspect/person, that it is 99.9% for a good reason where the suspect/person is non-compliant or brandishes a weapon, or makes a move that simulates brandishing a weapon in which case the cop still has to shoot the person to protect themselves and the public around them.

Cops don’t shoot people because they are black.

Cops shoot people because those people either have a weapon or act like they do, or pose a threat in one way or another.

Cops shoot more white people than anything, but no one cares. Why not? Because if you get shot by the cops, then you probably deserved it.

If you don’t know by now (great 80s song), that you should listen to the cops when they get to you, then you’re gonna get shot.

First of all, you shouldn’t be in the situation where the cops are pulling up on you with guns drawn in the first place. Committing crime is your first mistake.

Secondly, if you get pulled over by the cops, like the girl who had Philando Castile in the car, and you DON’T listen to the cop when they tell you not to move, then you get shot…well why did you get shot? It’s because YOU didn’t listen.

Since when do people think they have a right to NOT listen to the police? You don’t. You MUST follow their orders. They are in charge. Just like we’re in charge of kids at home or school, they’re in charge of us and we give them that responsibility.

I pay my taxes and want police to have freedom to protect and serve, not tread water trying not to offend people or worry about racism.

If a person points a gun at a cop, then cops should shoot them right in the face.

How dare anyone treat our police like that.

Also, I’d love to watch Pence punch that buffoon square in the right eye, knock his other eyebrow a few inches north.


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