OUCH: Pandora Music Service Gets Nasty Surprise Just 1 Day After Supporting BLM

Unless you’re Chick-fil-A, taking a political stance as a company probably isn’t a good idea.

Is there any way to guarantee that you’ll alienate half your customer base than by taking a political stance politically?

Target learned that lesson when they took a public stance on the transgender bathroom debate, publicly issuing a statement that their customers could use whatever bathroom they please. That quickly led to 1.4 million people signing a pledge to boycott the store.

Now, Pandora radio is the latest to enter the political arena, and it’s not playing out well for them. Conservative Tribune reports:

Pandora, the streaming music service, decided it would be politically correct and showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement last week on its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Like other companies of late, Pandora has pushed its liberal political views on its customers and the results have not been pretty.

Many customers have vowed to cancel their subscriptions with the company.

Pandora’s post read:

“Our hearts ache for all those who unfairly lost their lives. We stand for marginalized communities. We stand for racial justice. We stand for equality. And we stand together to make this world a better place. #BlackLivesMatter #LoveAboveAll”

You can see why this kind of post would generate a certain amount of angst.

A woman who wrote that she is the widow of a fallen peace officer posted her disapproval of the statement on Facebook, vowing to cancel her account.

officers wife fb

Another person who claimed to be an advertiser on Pandora said he would pull his business.

advertiser fb

What were they thinking? Like most liberals, probably nothing.

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