OUTRAGE: Muslim Restaurant Manager Does Something Despicable to Disabled Veteran


From Conservative Tribune: The owner of a Subway franchise in Paterson, N.J., is under heavy fire for recently refusing service to a veteran accompanied by a registered service dog.

U.S. Army veteran Richard Hunter led a troubled life for quite some time before an organization known as “Dogs For Warriors” reached out and gave Hunter what would end up being his best friend and medical assistant — a service dog that helps control anxiety from an extreme case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

But when Hunter took his son and a co-worker out to lunch at Subway, the manager of the restaurant, Mitul Ahmed, denied the veteran service without any reason, violating federal law that clearly allows service dogs to enter any establishment, including restaurants.

The owner of the franchise, Zaphir Pathan, did an interview with a local investigative reporter who described the interview as one of the most bizarre she’s ever encountered — with the restaurant owner lying to her face on camera and doing his best to fast-talk his way out of the situation.

But we bet he won’t be doing much fast-talking in court, which is where Hunter and his disability attorney plan on taking the owner soon.

When Hunter showed up at the restaurant before getting kicked out, a sign on their door clearly stated “service animals welcome,” but the day the reporter showed up, that part of the sign had magically disappeared.

As Top Right News reported, this story appears to be a possible case of the owner attempting to impose some form of Shariah Law, as Muslims hate dogs and consider them “unclean.”

If the owners did, in fact, freak out due to the presence of Hunter’s service dog, let us be the first to tell them they set up shop in the wrong country.

They don’t have to like dogs, but they do have to obey the law and it sounds like they’ll soon learn that lesson the hard way in a court of law. Violating the Americans With Disabilities Act doesn’t mean a slap-on-the-wrist punishment — it’s a serious crime.

The disrespect that the manager and owner showed this man, who fought for their very rights to become business owners and workers in this country, is disgusting. They deserve what’s coming to them.

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