OUTRAGE Over What Muslim Woman Did As She Walked By Dying London Victim On Sidewalk

OUTRAGE Over What Muslim Woman Did As She Walked By Dying London Victim On Sidewalk

As London became a bloodbath on Wednesday at the hands of what appeared to be an Islamic lone wolf jihadist, injured and dying victims lined the street. The attacker used his vehicle as the weapon, driving an estimated 70 miles per hour into a crowd, killing four, and injuring at least 40. As their blood poured into the ditches, a Muslim woman was spotted walking by, but it’s what she did when passing one dying woman on the ground that caused massive outrage.

The horrific event unfolded so quickly that the first responders on the scene were those spared the terrorist’s wrath. Good Samaritans rushed to the aid of the victims, comforting them and trying to help in the frantic seconds before EMTs arrived. Standing between life and death for one woman was several strangers consumed with offering her compassion when a Muslim woman suddenly showed up.

In a photo that surfaced on Twitter from site user Lone Star Texas, the victim is seen bleeding out on the sidewalk surrounded by concerned people horrified at the sight, when the Muslim woman cavalierly walks by on her phone. She doesn’t appear the least bit concerned about the sickening situation and carnage at her feet caused by an Islamic killer, as she checks her device and holds her hijab down.

Lone Star Texas’ photo post was accompanied by outraged shared thousands of times, with the message, “Muslim woman pays no mind to the terror attack, casually walks by a dying woman while checking phone#PrayForLondon.”

It’s basic human nature that if you see someone dying in front of you and injured people all around, to have a look of horror and concern on your face. It’s apparently not for this woman who seemingly sees nothing wrong and had a small army of sympathizers to support her indifferent expression, making her out to be the victim here, and not the woman on the side of the road, covered in her own blood.

In News.com.au‘s report of the photo, the article asserted that Twitter users were too quick jump to judgment of this woman who was simply doing what she should have by not being “inappropriate” in inserting herself in a scene that was “clearly already under the control of professionals.” There were no professionals in this picture helping the victim, just compassionate people. While nobody expected her to administer first aid, it’s her lack of response that made it rather alarming to so many.

Other Twitter users said she was likely afraid for her life, being a Muslim woman susceptible to attack by enraged passersby who saw what a Muslim terrorist had just done.

That’s liberal logic at it’s finest, to express such disregard for the real victims in saying they were being taken care of while putting the sympathy on the Muslim woman who didn’t appear scared at all and practically tripped over this victim while texting.

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