OUTRAGED DNC Delegate Just WENT OFF On Hillary Clinton, WOW!!! (VIDEO)

The recent email leaks of the Democratic National Committee have exposed the corrupt center of the Democratic Party and it has enraged die-hard Sanders supporters. Now they are taking to the streets and the Democratic National Convention to express their disgust.


Sanders supporters er shave finally realized how the media, the DNC, and Clinton colluded to steal the election from Sanders. For example, they learned that high profile advocated for hosting debates during the NFL championship games  and Saturday nights when people were holiday shopping to make it more advantageous for Hillary. That way people couldn’t see him perform well on live television.

DNC officials have tried to suppress Sanders protesters. Sanders supporters have shouted and heckled convention speakers, booed the mention of Hillary and then staged a walk out after she was officially nominated.

One DNC protesters who was a staunch Bernie Sanders fan had an explosive reaction on the floor of the DNC.

The woman said,

“I don’t give a fu** about Trump!!!… OK?? Trump is dangerous for this country and so is Hillary Clinton. What’s she going to do for me? What’s she going to do for my children? What’s she going to do for my community?

Is she gonna frack the hell out of it? Is she going to put more of the soldiers on the ground in the Middle East? Do you believe one damn word a woman like her says? How can we believe her when yesterday she proved to us that when you’re a corrupt person she’s gonna promote you!?

What did she do with Debbie Wasserman Schultz? She promoted her! So what does that say about the Democratic party? We need to clean house!”

She may be supporting a progressive socialist but I think most people would agree with her completely.

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