A California father outraged that his son’s teacher denied him a meal as punishment was forced to go to local news after the school refused to take action. According to ABC10, Luis Valdivia confronted his 10-year-old son’s teacher at Hilltop Elementary School in Chula Vista on video to find out why she would deny his son breakfast, an act which Valdivia claims is illegal in California. In the video, Valdivia can be seen questioning the teacher.

“So you’re calling my son a liar regarding Monday?” the father asked the teacher.

“Monday, I did not let him eat,” the teacher responded.

“Are you aware that you broke the law? Are you aware of that?” asked Valdivia.

“I was not aware of that,” she responded.

Valdivia’s son asked his teacher if he could get a “Second Chance Breakfast,” and she denied his request. His son says that the teacher denied him breakfast as “punishment” because he missed an assignment.

Valdivia is outraged, since this isn’t the first time he or his wife have had to confront the teacher for questionable punishments. His wife had spoken to her once before, after she allegedly denied the boy a meal, and the teacher swore to her that she wouldn’t do it again.

According to ABC10, a spokesman for the school said that they’re looking into the incident, but shied away from admitting fault. The school official said that a “Second Chance Breakfast” is for students who missed the opportunity to eat at home and isn’t a “mandated meal break.” They also fell back on denial of recess as possible justification for the teacher’s actions, saying “teachers sometimes hold students out of recess as a disciplinary action.”

It’s hard to blame Valdivia for getting upset over something like this, since teacher’s shouldn’t be allowed to deny a student a meal under any circumstances, let alone as a punishment. However, because it is not mandatory for the school to offer breakfast, should this teacher be punished? While it’s not a school’s legal responsibility to offer breakfast, this school does; therefore, many parents and children may depend on it. With that being said, should this teacher receive disciplinary action?

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Courtesy of Mad World News

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