A Cincinnati, Ohio mother is speaking out, after her son was brutally attacked by a group of black thugs, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. These injuries are now ruining his dreams of enlisting in the military and serving his country.

In an exclusive interview with Mad World News, Holli Stevenson recalls the horrific events of her son being attacked on his way home from school. She also opens up about the struggles her son now deals with in the wake of the incident, which has left him permanently affected due to the brutal actions of one group of hateful thugs.

On October 20th, 17-year-old Michael Stevenson, a division 1 athlete and scholarship student, was skateboarding home when he approached a group of thugs who were blocking his path. He attempted to veer around the group, but was jumped by the group of almost a dozen black gang members, who were all wearing dark-colored hoodies.

Outraged Mother Seeks Justice: ‘Black Thugs Attacked My Son Because He Was White’

Two of the larger thugs knocked Stevenson to the ground, pinning him and rendering him defenseless. Once immobilized, several of the thugs took turns punching the teen in the side of the face and head.

As the blows kept coming again and again, Michael thought that he was going to die.

Luckily, the teen was eventually able to break free and run through an intersection, where a police officer happened to be parked in his patrol car. Alerting the officer of the attack, Michael waited inside of the patrol car while the officer pursued the group and was able to apprehend two of the attackers.

Michael was then taken to the hospital where it was found he had sustained a broken nose and bruised eyes. An MRI later revealed that he had suffered a traumatic brain injury. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with PTSD. Michael’s dream of joining the Coast Guard seems to have now been shattered due to the attack, since these injuries make him a risk factor as the brain injury could trigger his PTSD.

Outraged Mother Seeks Justice: ‘Black Thugs Attacked My Son Because He Was White’

Michael recounted that his attackers all wore dark hoodies, which were initially turned backwards, covering their faces. Although the gang unit in the area had never seen this MO before, Michael’s mother Holli believes the gang was imitating a popular rap song by Hoover Street titled, “Hoodie on Backwards With the Eyes Cut Out,” whose lyrics brag about donning hoodies in this manner to prevent victims from identifying their perpetrators.

The mother is most upset over the lack of effort the DA and the local police force have put into investigating the incident. Although two of the thugs apprehended that night are facing assault charges, the DA and police have shown little interest in investigating and arresting the rest of the group involved in the attack. Holli feels that if the roles had been reversed and it had been a black boy attacked by a group of white people, more would be done to remedy the situation.

“The bigger picture for me is that it shouldn’t matter what color your skin is…when you are ganged up on, 8-1, that is nothing more than pure hatred and it should be prosecuted as such, regardless of the color of anybody’s skin….it is not fair that had it been Michael and his friends ganging up on one of these kids, they [her son and his friends] would still be sitting in jail. Where is the justice for Michael?”

Upset at the lack of interest shown by the police force, Holli decided to do some investigating of her own into the case. After noticing the names of her son’s attackers on the DA’s paperwork, she was able to conduct a few online searches and locate the thugs’ Facebook pages.

Outraged Mother Seeks Justice: ‘Black Thugs Attacked My Son Because He Was White’

From the posted photos, her son was able to recognize several of his attackers. She also found posts where the gang had bragged about attacking “old white people for their iPhones,” suggesting that they made easy targets since they were “easy to knock over.”

Outraged Mother Seeks Justice: ‘Black Thugs Attacked My Son Because He Was White’

Outraged Mother Seeks Justice: ‘Black Thugs Attacked My Son Because He Was White’

Outraged Mother Seeks Justice: ‘Black Thugs Attacked My Son Because He Was White’

Despite being shaken up over the attack and the growing gang presence in the area, Holli and her family refuse to let the gangs run her off.

“Everyone’s solution is that we should just pack up and leave. No, I’m not leaving. These people are transients. They basically get government coupons to live in different places. They should be the ones who have to go. Not those of us who own our own homes and contribute to the neighborhood. We are not going anywhere.”

She then went on to share her sentiments over her son’s attackers.

“You have a little group of these kids who want to take over and run the neighborhood and they think it makes them look bad to jump somebody 8-1, which to me is the epitome of cowardice. That’s not a fair fight at all.”

Michael still has flashbacks over the attack and has issues sleeping alone at night.

“He gets very anxious if he sees people walking down our street at night; especially women. He woke us up out of a dead sleep one night to make sure this lady got home ok. This had messed him up. He doesn’t want us out at night and gets really anxious and antsy if we’re not all safe and secure in the house.”

Currently, the family is facing a barrage of future medical expenses, as Michael’s state insurance will no longer cover him once he turns 18. Holli and her husband are currently paying out-of-pocket for his therapy treatments which run $150 for the weekly sessions. The family has set up a Go Fund Me account in order to raise funds to cover the treatments.

-Courtesy of Mad World News

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