UPDATE: THEY WERE FOUND http://wivb.com/2014/09/22/awol-afghan-officers-found-in-buffalo/

Can this administration do anything right?

From WJLA– Two Afghan nationals, who were in the District to work with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, vanished during a visit to Georgetown over the weekend, officials confirmed Monday to ABC7 News.

On Saturday afternoon, a bus carrying 31 police officers from Afghanistan drove from the DEA’s Quantico, Va. facilities to Georgetown. DEA spokesman Rusty Pain said the group members—undergoing intense training—were driven to Georgetown to enjoy themselves. When it came time to get back on the bus, 22-year-old Mohammad Yasin Ataye and 24-year-old Mohd Naweed Samimi were missing.

Pain insists each member of the group has been vetted and polygraphed. However, given the war in Afghanistan and threats, D.C. tourists and locals alike expressed concern over the pair’s disappearance.

“It might be that it’s all innocent, but to think … we’re not keeping track when we’re training them,” said Gregg Welch, of Lincoln, Neb.

“Certainly, with security, you know, with the times there’s a lot of danger going on,” said Mary Lumme, of Houston, Texas.

The DEA says it collected everyone’s passports and visas when they arrived, as a precaution. So, presuming Ataye and Samimi fled intentionally, they will have some difficulties getting around. Some observers speculated the pair just doesn’t want to go back home.

Mohd Naweed Samimi, left, and Mohammad Yasin Ataye
Mohd Naweed Samimi, left, and Mohammad Yasin Ataye

“Typically, if I was [in Afghanistan], I’d probably want to be anywhere but there,” said Hunter Payne, of Woodbridge, Va.

“The minds of the people who live there, because it can be pretty violent over there,” said D.C. resident Shiva Vaid.

Whatever the reason these Afghan cops disappeared, Pain says they don’t pose any danger.

The DEA has not yet released photos of Ataye and Samimi.

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