From Fox News: The Licking Valley High School marching band recently found themselves in the crosshairs of atheist organization the Freedom From Religion Foundation when they wore T-shirts displaying the word “Salvation” for one performance in August.

“When a public school allows its marching band to display religious messages like ‘Salvation’ during performances, they unconstitutionally entangle the school with religion,” wrote Rebecca Markert, Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney, in a letter to the Newark, Ohio, school district.

Licking Valley School Superintendent David Hile and field commander and flutist on the marching band Zoe Weaver joined Anna Kooiman on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to discuss the controversy.

Weaver – who was wearing the “constitutionally objectionable” T-shirt – pointed out that “Salvation” – which was tied to the band’s performance of Pavel Tchesnokov’s popular piece “Salvation is Created” – was simply the theme that they came up with, and they never thought it had religious context until it was brought up by someone else.

Hile noted that there wasn’t a single complaint from a student who didn’t want to wear the T-shirt and said he was surprised that the Freedom From Religion Foundation focused on one narrow meaning for the word “salvation.”

[pull_quote_left]”As a band member, and as I speak for other band members, we never thought it had religious connotations,” she explained.[/pull_quote_left]

“It’s just a way to come together as a team and get focused,” Weaver said.

Here’s the Athiest group’s complaint:

Religious Band T-shirts, OH


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