Only in Obama’s America is the American flag offensive

From CainTV: The Ninth Circuit has once again proved its status as the leftmost leaning court of appeals in the country with their refusal to rehear a case involving the banning of American flags in public schools. This refusal means that the ruling that a three-judge panel issued in February stands, which allowed the Morgan Hill Unified School District to ban American flags and American flag apparel because of threats of violence.

Now some of you might be thinking, “That sounds reasonable. After all, we don’t want to have violence in our schools!” But the issue here is that those who were trying to display the flag were not the ones being violent or threatening violence. Rather, they were the ones being threatened!

You see, back in 2010, on Cinco de Mayo (which is not Jose Cuervo’s birthday), Mexican students were all set to celebrate the holiday at Live Oak high school in California. Several boys also decided to wear American flag t-shirts that day and were greeted with harassment and threats. A principle pulled them aside, and told them to take off their patriotic gear or go home.

The lead counsel for the case, William J. Becker Jr., responded to the court’s decision to back the bully and ban Old Glory:

“The American flag is not a symbol of racism or division,” Becker said. “It is the symbol of freedom and unity. Americans have fought and died to protect that flag, and now we are told to conceal it so we don’t offend Mexican aliens, some of whom entered this country illegally. The liberal judges on the court were forced to do rhetorical backflips to come to this outrageous decision.”

(You can read his complete remarks here)

In a culture where we see PSA after PSA deriding bullying, it seems odd that the court (and the school) take the side of the bully. I thought we were supposed to ban together and rid the world of people who threaten others simply because they disagree their message. Isn’t that the progressive way?

Or maybe, just maybe, that progressive message of tolerance only applies if you are bashing the flag, our traditions, and values. After all, that would be progressive!

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