OUTRAGEOUS: ICE Director Exposes Obama’s Policy To Let Illegals Take Out American Agents

No shock here. The director of ICE is Hispanic! Handpicked by Obama! She doesn’t even want to save her own agents from violent illegals in sanctuary cities. Manchurian candidates in our midst! She hates America, and wants to replace Europeans with Hispanics. We need to deport every single illegal now, and send ICE director Sarah Saldana with them.


The issue of “sanctuary cities,” jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal agencies regarding immigration law, has been a hot topic since the murder in San Francisco of Kate Steinle by a Mexican national with several felony convictions who had been deported multiple times.

That topic was addressed during a recent House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing featuring testimony from Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah Saldana, in which she admitted that sanctuary city policies place her agents at increased risk of harm.

According to The Daily Caller, Saldana was asked directly by South Carolina GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney, “Does the sanctuary city program put your field personnel at more risk than they would be otherwise?”

“Yes, having to go into a jurisdiction, into somebody’s home, when we could have gotten them at a local sheriff’s or police department, yes, it does put them at risk,” admitted Saldana.

Mulvaney proceeded to ask Saldana if she would support efforts to compel sanctuary cities to cooperate with federal agents in enforcing federal laws, such as the withholding of certain discretionary federal funds.

However, Saldana indicated that she would not support such efforts, suggesting that local agencies would resent having the feds “browbeat them over the head,” saying, “State and local governments don’t want the federal government to tell them what to do.”

“So you don’t want us to take steps to lower the risk for your own people?” Mulvaney asked incredulously, to which Saldana replied, “I’m saying give me an opportunity to get this done.”

Any forthrightness offered by Saldana ended there, however, as she suddenly seemed to play ignorant when Mulvaney continued to press the issue, asking, “Does the sanctuary city program put the public at risk?”

“I don’t know what the sanctuary city program is, sir,” replied Saldana. “I want every jurisdiction (to) cooperate with ICE.”

“I will work with you to try to come up with a rational system by which we can improve that situation,” she added, emphasizing the word “rational.”

The ICE director essentially just acknowledged under oath that sanctuary city policies present a danger to the agents under her command, then suddenly claimed ignorance when asked if those same policies present a similar danger to the general public.

As to her refusal to support congressional efforts at ending sanctuary city policies because state and local governments and agencies don’t like being told what to do by the feds, that has never stopped President Barack Obama’s administration from doing what it wants, as there are numerous instances of Obama’s goons “browbeating” local agencies into compliance on a variety of issues — just look at the Ferguson, Missouri, police department if you want a concrete example.

It is time to bring an end to the sanctuary policies that allow jurisdictions to harbor, aid and abet violent illegal immigrant criminals, placing both federal and local agents, as well as the general public, at risk.

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