OUTRAGEOUS: Jewish Kindergarten in Belgium Can’t Get Insurance Because Risk Of Islamic Terror Attack Is Too High


Shlomo Papirblat of Haaretz is reporting that:

An insurance company has refused to renew the policy of a Jewish kindergarten in Brussels, claiming that the risk of doing so is too high, given the clear threat of anti-Semitic attacks.

This is the European reality as the world “negotiates” with a nation that has announced as a prime objective, the destruction of Israel.

Things may not be exactly the same, now, from the days when appeasement was considered prudent, even wise, and attacks on Jews were, more are less, routine.  But neither are they all that different.  Not when:

The refusal to insure the kindergarten comes less than a year after the terror attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum, in which a French jihadist opened fire at the museum entrance, killing four people including an Israeli couple. That attack in May 2014, followed by the January killings at the kosher supermarket in Paris, have prompted insurance companies to regard Jewish institutions as high risk.

Courtesy of the Weekly Standard

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