OUTRAGEOUS: Muslim Nurses Complain Washing Hands Before Medical Procedures ‘Compromises Modesty’ –

The Islamization of Europe will seemingly go on unchecked forever. There is evidently nothing that Europeans won’t do to accommodate the flood of Muslims pouring over their borders, even complying with sharia law for non-Muslims. But the latest demand that allegedly has been granted in the United Kingdom has a lot of people furious.

It’s been reported that Muslim nurses have refused to wash their hands, saying that it compromises their standards for “modesty”. This is a problem, especially for surgical nurses, as it’s required for anyone in the operating room to “scrub in”: to scrub their hands and arms with medical-grade soap and water for at least five minutes. But as they evidently can’t roll their sleeves up to their elbows, Muslim nurses are instead allowed to wear disposable plastic over-sleeves. It’s not clear if this includes surgical nurses or not.

Still, it’s insanity that such a thing could even be allowed. It’s one thing to allow people to practice their own religious beliefs as they see fit; it’s another to compromise the medical care of other people. But according to the UK’S Department of Health, there is no issue. “The guidance is intended to balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs,” a spokesman said.

So will they allow people to refuse to have one of these Muslim nurses working on them, then? Or does the United Kingdom now demand complete compliance with sharia law, all the time?

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