OUTRAGEOUS! NYPD To Pay Muslim Officer Who Sued Over Beard Length

Want to get paid to not do your job? Chose a religion liberals think it marginalized, cry discrimination, and voila.

Such was the case of a Muslim NYPD officer, who sued because he was suspended over his beard length. He was allowed to keep his beard (which is mandated for men by the Quran), but by NYPD regulations it can’t be more than an inch long. That’s when problems began…

Leo Affairs reports:

A federal judge has ordered the New York Police Department to pay salary and benefits to a Muslim officer who has been suspended for violating the department’s beard policy.

Manhattan Judge P. Kevin Castel granted a temporary restraining order Wednesday, a day after Officer Masood Syed was suspended without pay and escorted out of police headquarters.

City attorney Michael Fleming said Syed’s beard surpassed the 1-millimeter length the department allows. Fleming said the limit is necessary for gas masks to fit tightly on officers’ faces.

Syed filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday. He’s seeking unspecified financial damages and a court order banning the NYPD from enforcing its beard policy.

The lawsuit said the court should require the department to adopt a policy that provides reasonable religious accommodations.

Just a random aside, do you think if Muslim bakers refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding, liberals would defend their right to do so?

They call us “Islamophobes” – but I have a word to describe them; Islamophiles.

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