Tree before life

Michael Medill 66, of Oregon is a retired real-estate tycoon who lives neat Henry Hagg Lake. There have been many near drownings and recently a family of 4 drown in the lake. Medill decided he was going to take action on his own and create warning signs for the dangerous lake which has many deep drop off’s.

Medill stated “I actually went up there hoping I would get arrested” and his intentions for the signs were to the attention of swimmers and the police.  The police did show up along with local media, and after the police told him he could go, they ended up pulling him over and detaining him for one hour and gave him a $5000 citation for criminal mischief. Then on Sunday, authorities removed his signs.

Washington County deputies stated he was cited due to the fact that he bolted the signs to a tree and also posts.

The real-estate tycoon has a large amount of money set aside and said he has the means to help the drowning victims families pursue a lawsuit against Washington County if they wish, and that his citation is “his ticket to making the county do the right thing”

This is the typical government bureaucracy that is broken in so many ways. When a tree and ‘post’ are placed as a higher value than a human life there is immediate need for an intervention. Common sense would tell these people that something is wrong, serious wrong.  They are missing the boat and need a wake up call.

I can see this happening in Oregon though, lets not forget the eco-terrorist who reside there, which include Earth Liberation Front. These commies have no problem sacrificing human flesh for a tree


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