OUTRAGEOUS: Police Officer FIRED For Speaking TRUTH About Michelle Obama

What an outrage culture we live in. Barack and Michelle Obama won’t be in the White House for much longer than another month – and yet you can still lose your job for daring to attack them.

We all know how anti-police the Obama’s are (hence their support of extremist groups like Black Lives Matter) so would you believe it was an officer fired for attacking the Obamas?

According to GOP The Daily Dose:

An Alabama police officer, Joel Husk, made two Facebook posits against Michelle Obama. This got him fired because the posts were considered racist.

Joel Husk posted a black and white photograph of bodies strewn across a battlefield along with the caption, “Over 620,000 white people died to free black slaves and still to this day not even 1 thank you”, as Mediaite reported.

Officer Husk Posted a picture on Facebook saying Michelle Obama is “Fluent in Ghetto”. Which we all know is true. She has trashed America even before he husband was elected.
She even said the problem with america is white people.

Here’s a photo of one of the offending post:



There was a time in America when the word “racist” actually meant something. Now attacking a public figure as being “fluent in ghetto” counts as “racist”? Disrespectful, sure, but racist? Not by a long shot.

The first post (not pictured) wasn’t even ATTEMPTING to have a racial undertone. It was simply pointing out that while whites are still blamed for slavery by some crazies on the far-left, we didn’t invent slavery: we ended it…. and lost a lot of lives in the process. Apparently it’s “racist” to point out that whites did something good.

What do you all think of this whole situation? Personally, I think we should DEMAND that this officer get his job back, as he simply did nothing but express his opinion.

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