OUTRAGEOUS: Vet Furious After Being Told to Take Down His 20-Year-Old Flag. Here’s What Happened When He Fought Back (VIDEO)


From TheBlaze: Veteran Tony Cumberworth has flown an American flag in his yard for 20 years. But he recently received a notice from his homeowner’s association saying that if he did not take down the flag within four days, he would start receiving fines of $50 a day, WXIA-TV reports.

The 73-year-old Georgia resident said: “I fought for this country. My son fought for this country. I do not understand them trying to take away my rights.”Capture

Cumberworth scoured his HOA bylaws and said he found nothing forbidding residents from flying American flags.

Retired Army veteran Tony Cumberworth received a notice asking him to take down the American flag he has flown in his yard for the past 20 years. (Image credit: WXIA-TV)

“It’s been there 20 years and nobody has ever said a word!” he said. “First [I thought] it was ridiculous. Then I got insulted.”

A WXIA-TV reporter attempted to ask HOA members why Cumberworth was being asked to stop flying the American flag, but the members either weren’t available or declined to comment.

Neighbors expressed shock, saying Cumberworth wasn’t harming anyone by having a flag in his yard.

Soon after WXIA-TV left, Cumberworth said something remarkable happened: he got a letter saying the notice was a mistake.

“Please disregard the code violation notice,” the message read. “It was sent to your home in error. We truly thank you for your service in vietnam and your American flag can stay in your yard as long as your desire.”

WXIA-TV has the complete story, below:


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