OUTRAGEOUS! White Teacher Suspended After Black Student Calls Him The N-Word (VIDEO)

We have learned over the last couple of weeks that a white person may not use the N-word in any context or under any circumstance, but there’s a new wrinkle to these absurd race-based rules: if a white person gets called the N-word by a black person, the white person is still a racist and must have their life destroyed. This is no bullshit, a white teacher was suspended after a black student called him the N-word in New York.

CBS New York reports that Chris Passuello, a white gym teacher at Hewlett High School in Long Island, NY, has been suspended indefinitely after a confrontation with a black student. Apparently the black student was messing around on his phone and the teacher asked him to put it away.

“You don’t listen to anyone. I am respectfully asking you to put your phone down. You don’t. I’m respectfully asking you to stop talking. You don’t — You just don’t stop,” said Passuello.

“You don’t need to touch your face on my face. That’s the thing. You don’t have to take my f***ing bubble,” screamed the student.

Take my f*cking bubble? Whatever the hell that means, the teacher was not impressed.

“You are so tough You’re toughness is really intimidating,” said Passuello sarcastically.

At some point the black student calls the white gym teacher a “n*gger.” Why? Who knows, but Passuello finally lost his patience with this disrespectful student.

“You’re calling me a n*gger? You just called me a n*gger? Get out of the class,” demands Passuello.

The black student was breaking school rules, being disobedient, used profanity and a racial slur, but it was the white teacher who was suspended. Okay, sure Passuello also used the N-word, but he didn’t direct it at the black student, he used it in a question in response to being called the N-word.

The black student was also suspended from school, but let’s face it, he’s the only one that did anything wrong here. Plus he probably doesn’t want to be in school anyway, while the teacher definitely does want the paycheck he gets from teaching. I feel like only the teacher was really punished in this case.

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