This is a disgrace that any bank would throw a veteran out on the streets like this, especially a wounded warrior. I understand rules are rules however, the bank should have worked with this man to have it done in a proper manner.  This hero gave a leg in combat for Americans and this is the repayment he gets?  That bank should have bought the home for him!

We are losing respect for our veteran community fast, and we need to turn this around. After all if it weren’t for our veterans we wouldn’t have the freedom we have today.


[quote_box_center]Excerpted from KSAT: Neighbors are coming to the aid of a wounded warrior who was left homeless Wednesday after falling behind in his rent.
The reclusive veteran lost a leg in combat in Afghanistan and also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his time in battle. So when his neighbors saw his belongings being removed from his home, they took action.

Kara Myers is leading the effort to help the soldier, who earned numerous honors, including the Purple Heart.

“He risked his life for us, so it’s the least we can do,” said Myers.

She said that Wednesday afternoon, several neighbors went into action after noticing a sheriff’s deputy supervising the removal of the soldier’s belongings to the yard.

“At one time they were lined up all the way down the curb, down here and across the other side,” Myers said, describing the scene of volunteers who showed up to help pack up the furniture and clothing and take them to a safe place.

She said even the soldier’s Purple Heart, flag and other personal awards were on the lawn.

The soldier, who asked not to be named for reasons of privacy, had been on disability but for some reason it’s been discontinued. The home he was renting went into foreclosure a year ago, and he is a month behind in the rent.

Those who have been trying to help him stay afloat say everyone, including the home management company, has been working on his behalf but they are out of options.

“It was hard to see, a lot of people were really upset. But we are all just trying to focus on the positive. Like, let’s get him moved,” said Myers.

They set up a personal funding website for the soldier and have managed to raise money to go toward the transition.

“He wants to move to Mississippi; that’s where his family is. So we just want to get the money for the moving company to get his stuff moved over there,” Myers said.

So far, $3,100 has been raised by the group. They would like to raise enough to also get an attorney to work on getting his benefits reinstated.







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