Owner of Pizzeria at the Center of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act Reveals How He Plans to Spend His Crowd-Funded Fortune


From IJReview: “Memories Pizza” in Indiana became a national story after it was reported that one of the owners said the pizzeria would not cater a gay wedding. Dana Loesch promptly promoted a crowd-funding effort on the restaurant’s behalf, which raised nearly a million dollars.

Now, as reported by The Daily Mail, Kevin O’Connor says that as much as he and his family could use the money, he has other plans for his newfound fortune:

“They revealed they are set to share their new fortune with disabled children, a women’s help group, firefighters, police trusts, Christian churches, and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, 70, who was fined after declaring she would not serve a gay wedding.”

Mr. O’Connor told The Daily Mail that despite the attention focused Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and his restaurant, his opinion on gay marriage hasn’t changed:

“‘If any child of mine came out as gay and entered into a gay marriage, I would still love them, but daddy wouldn’t be going to the wedding.’”

As to the attacks against his family and his pizzeria, he added:

“I don’t hate these people. They are just angry. I am not really sure what they are so angry about.”

Perhaps Mr. O’Connor has learned that tolerance is not always a two-way street.


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