P-DIDDY PIMP SLAPS OBAMA- How Have Things In Black Community Gotten ‘Drastically Better’?


(Weasel Zippers) Reparations from the taxpayers are needed.

Via MRC:

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, one of the wealthiest hip-hop moguls, with an estimated fortune over $735 million, is calling out Obama for not giving back to the black community, the same black community that helped President Obama get into office.

Speaking to Hot 97 on his latest album titled MMM — being handed out free on the internet — Combs said:

“We got Obama into office, the give back, the deal, where are the things in our community that have gotten drastically better?…Let’s stop overcomplicating it. The hugest group of people that get you into office, you have to change their lives for the better. Pick a side, because they got you into office. And if that side just happens to be black people, and you’re black, you still have to do what’s fair.”

Combs feels despite the massive voter turnout for Obama, black people were “reaping limited political gain.” He says there have been many things Obama has done for black people, though he didn’t say what, only that they would be realized “years and years and years from now,” but “there’s some black man things for black people” that still need to be done. Like what, exactly? Well for one, Combs thinks Obama should treat the black communities like a disaster in Chile – sending “specific aid to help with a specific problem.”

He demanded “directed aid. Unapologetically sending direct aid to black communities. Let’s not try to hide it. Unapologetically spend billions of dollars to uplift black communities.”

As if that’s never been tried. Just like all liberals train of thought, Combs believes throwing money at a problem is the answer and thinks Obama should “unapologetically spend billions of dollars to uplift black communities.” He said:

“The black community is at a state of emergency, so it should be treated just like that…It should be treated like there’s helicopters coming with education and books and coming with trade. All of that stuff needs to be sent just like when we see another country and we feel sorry for the country, and we send them everything they need to get back on their feet.”

Combs then listed the NRA, AARP, and “Jewish people” groups that have supposedly reaped the benefits of an Obama presidency, and that black people are not getting the “things they need done right now.”

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