Pack Of Thugs Beats White Girl And Her 5-Year-Old Brother


Excerpted from The Inquisitor: A young girl and her brother were brutally attacked in a park in Indianapolis, and video of the possibly racially motivated beating has gone viral after the perpetrators uploaded it to Facebook.

The disturbing video starts with a group of people running through a park toward a playground, then surrounding a young girl who was there with a much younger brother. By the time the camera person catches up the group already has the girl surrounded, and while the victim appears to explain something another girl from the group punches her in the face.

The victim then fell to the ground, yelling, “What did I do? What did I do?” while the assailant continues to throw punches.


As the victim pleads with her attacker to stop, another young man finally pulls off the attacker and the victim gathers her younger brother to leave the park. But as she leaves the camera person continues to follow, and the girl who originally attacks strikes again.

This time the victim’s younger brother, who appears to be somewhere around 5 or 6, tried to defend his sister by pushing away the attacker. But the attacker then turned her attention to the young boy, striking him and knocking him to the ground.

The group continued to mock the victim as she walked away and shouted an apology to her attackers.

The Indianapolis playground beating may have been racially motivated. The victim and her brother were white and the attackers appeared to be black. As the victim was asking why she was being attacked, one of the boys in the group appeared to answer, “You white, b***h.”

The video of the group attacking the girl and her young brother on the playground quickly went viral. It was uploaded to Liveleak, where it was viewed close to 100,000 times in just a few hours.

Media in Indianapolis also covered the attack, with Fox 59 reporting that police were already looking into the incident. Keep reading


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