PAGING OBAMA: 46 killed, hostages taken in Taliban attack at major Afghanistan airport

1209 afghan clash

From Allen B West

This is a serious incident, which just makes me shake my head in disgust. President Obama unilaterally declared that combat operations were over, ceased, done, ended in Afghanistan. The problem is he was telling himself that, as the enemy was not paying attention – as a matter of fact, they were training in preparation for their next combat assault. And so it continues down near the place where I spent 30 months — Kandahar Airbase in southern Afghanistan.

As reported by Fox News, “At least 46 people were killed and several others taken hostage Wednesday in a Taliban siege on an Afghanistan airport that houses NATO facilities.

Taliban fighters started attacking the heavily fortified Kandahar Air Field in the southern Afghanistan city Tuesday evening, but by Wednesday night, the assault had been largely contained, a senior defense official told Fox News.

The site contains a civilian airport and a large military base that houses thousands of NATO troops, civilian contractors and Afghan military forces. The Taliban were met with heavy resistance at the base, but no U.S. personnel have been involved in the fighting, the official said.

“The operation is going very slowly as the Taliban have taken six people hostage including two women and two children, so we have to act cautiously,” Dawood Shah Wafadar, commander of the 205 Atal army corps in southern Afghanistan, told Reuters.

Wafadar added that nine Taliban members were killed out of a 14-member assault force. Afghanistan’s defense ministry said 37 civilians and members of the security forces also were killed in the attacks, the BBC reports. Read More



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